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What causes a broken tooth?

A cracked, chipped, or broken tooth is among the most prevalent problems that dentists encounter. A broken tooth can cause pain in addition to other dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

The following factors may contribute to or cause a cracked or broken tooth:

A fall or blow to the face

Biting into a hard object

An obsession with chewing (such as chewing ice or pens)

Excessive clenching or grinding, or bruxism

Tooth decay

Medications and medical conditions that weaken teeth

Does neglecting dental hygiene cause teeth to become chipped?

While a blow to the face or some other isolated incident often results in tooth damage, poor oral hygiene can actually make your teeth more prone to breaking or cracking. Poor oral hygiene, such as inconsistent brushing and flossing, promotes the accumulation of plaque and bacteria on the teeth. Your teeth are more likely to break due to weakened enamel, cavities, and tooth decay caused by this.

Keep up with your regular dental cleanings to help avoid breaking a tooth!

How to care for a broken tooth at home

There are some things you can do at home to both relieve discomfort and protect your mouth until you can see your dentist.

  • To lessen pain and inflammation, take ibuprofen.
  • To reduce any swelling, apply an icepack to the outside of your face.
  • Use mouthwash or salt water to gargle to get rid of bacteria and stop infections.
  • If a tooth has a sharp edge, cover it with dental wax to protect your mouth.

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What steps are taken by the dentist to fix a cracked or broken tooth?

Step 1

Request Appointment

Step 2

Get a checkup, a diagnosis, and a personalized treatment plan

Step 3

Start your treatment and learn how to avoid getting bad breath again

Your diagnosis will determine your treatment strategy. It’s important to obtain a qualified diagnosis so you can identify the best course of action!

Common treatments for broken or cracked teeth

Frequently asked questions about chipped tooth repair

How can you tell if your tooth is broken or damaged?

While some tooth damage can be felt or seen right away, such as a sizable chip on a front tooth, other damage might not be as noticeable. For instance, a small molar crack might not be noticeable. Common indications that a tooth is broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged include:

  • Increased sensitivity to foods that are hot or cold
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Tooth pain that is intermittent and constant
  • Gums that are inflamed around a potential tooth damage

How can a broken tooth be avoided in the future?

After having a cracked or broken tooth fixed, you’ll notice that your teeth are more prone to breaking in general and that that tooth will be more vulnerable to future harm. The following are some ways to stop future tooth damage:

  • By regularly brushing and flossing, maintain good oral hygiene.
  • To determine the health of your teeth, schedule routine dental exams.
  • To stop jaw clenching and grinding, seek treatment.
  • Avoid holding objects or opening packages with your teeth.
  • Play sports while wearing a mouthguard.

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