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Why are crooked teeth a dental problem?

The term “crooked teeth” refers to any situation in which a person’s teeth are not properly aligned. This could appear as tooth crowding, the presence of extra teeth, lost teeth (from accidents or injuries), or any of a number of other issues.

Crooked teeth, for the most part, are not a dental issue in and of themselves. However, while crooked, misaligned teeth are common in both adults and children, they may be the source of a variety of health problems.

Misaligned teeth can impair your ability to chew properly, resulting in pain during meals and chronic digestive issues.

Periodontal disease, caused by hard-to-clean areas between crooked teeth, can also result from crooked teeth, causing bone and tooth damage in the mouth.

Finally, problems with speech and "imperfect" smiles can lower a person's self-esteem, leading to dissatisfaction with their misaligned teeth.

At Vancouver Dental, we provide a variety of customized treatments to correct crooked teeth and assist you in achieving a beautiful, healthy smile.

What is the cause of crooked teeth?

Perfect teeth, with the upper set fitting properly over the lower and the individual teeth properly spaced, are uncommon. There are no two sets of teeth that are exactly alike. And, when you think about it, misaligned teeth add personality, uniqueness, and charm to your smile.

Having said that, understanding how and why your teeth are crooked may reveal specific solutions to your specific dental problem.

Crooked teeth are caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Birth Flaws
  • Thumb Sucking
  • Inadequate Dental Care
  • Face Injuries

As we work toward a long-term solution for your dental health, we will discuss possible causes of your crooked teeth with you.

When should I see a dentist about my crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth are not a major issue in and of themselves. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, it is time to see your dentist:

  • Inability to chew properly
  • Pain in the mouth during meals (due to abnormal chewing patterns)
  • Cavities forming in difficult-to-clean areas between crooked teeth
  • Damage to the mouth’s bones and teeth
  • Difficulties with speech
  • Decreased self-esteem
  • A tendency to “hide your smile” because it is imperfect.

Do you need your teeth straightened? That’s why we’re here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (360) 828-7435.

Process for correcting crooked teeth

Step 1

Request Appointment

Step 2

Get an exam, a diagnosis, and a personalized treatment plan.

Step 3

Begin treatment and learn how to change bad habits.

The most common treatments for crooked teeth differ according to the severity of the crookedness.

Typical treatments include:

Your treatment plan is determined by your diagnosis. It is important that you get a professional diagnosis in order to find the best solution!

Common questions about crooked teeth treatments

What exactly is a veneer, and how does it work?

Veneers are long-lasting porcelain shells that are custom-made for your teeth. These thin, natural-looking shells shield your teeth from stains, cracks, and chips. Without braces, porcelain veneers are one of the quickest ways to improve your smile.

At Vancouver Dental, we call veneers “instant orthodontics” because they are a quick and easy way to align and perfect your teeth.

Veneers aid in:

  • Gaps and spaces between the teeth
  • Teeth that are uneven or crooked
  • Teeth that have been broken or chipped
  • Teeth that are severely discolored

How do you prevent crooked teeth?

Some factors that contribute to tooth misalignment are beyond our control, such as genetics. However, there are several habits you should be aware of and avoid:

  • Lip sucking and biting
  • Normally breathing through the mouth
  • Thumb Sucking

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