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Don't be afraid of the dentist

Have you ever been nervous before going to the dentist? You’re not by yourself. Dental anxiety is extremely common among all ages of patients. Whatever the reason, we want you to feel at ease in our office. We will do everything possible to ensure that you can receive the treatment you require with confidence.

Common causes of dental anxiety include…

A previous bad dental experience

The idea that treatment will be painful.=

Fear of the dentist's judgment

How does dental anxiety impact oral health?

While dental anxiety will not cause you to develop a cavity, it does not rule out the possibility that you will develop one as a result of it. Over the years, we’ve worked with many patients who have avoided treatment or even a routine exam due to dental anxiety. When this occurs, problems accumulate and worsen, endangering your oral health and necessitating more advanced treatment.

How to manage dental anxiety?

If you have dental anxiety, please let our staff know either before your appointment or on the day of your visit. We’ve worked with many patients who have dental anxiety over the years, and our dentists and staff are experts at making you feel as relaxed as possible.

Do you suffer from dental phobia and are hesitant to schedule an appointment? Please let us know! We understand that if you haven’t been in for an appointment in a while, it can be a big change. Call us at (360) 828-7435 and we’ll answer your questions and let you know how we can help you overcome your fears.

How our office can help you through dental anxiety?

Appointments with no judgment

We will answer all your questions

Very comfortable and spa-like office

Variety of payment options

Many treatments are available using the Solea laser without the use of needles, drills, scalpels, or loud noises.

Frequently asked questions about dental anxiety

Is there a way to lessen my dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety can be difficult to overcome — but you don’t have to do it alone! Some techniques used by patients to reduce anxiety include…

  • Discussing your fears with your hygienist or dentist
  • Please notify us if you require a break from your session.
  • Relax by using breathing and mindfulness techniques.
  • Bringing a friend or family member to your appointment

What are the signs of dental anxiety?

Everyone has a unique experience with dental anxiety. Some common signs are…

  • Blood pressure is too low.
  • Panic attacks during or before a scheduled appointment
  • Feeling dizzy or fainting
  • Having heart palpitations

What are the risks of dental anxiety?

The most serious risk of dental anxiety is that it will harm your oral health by preventing you from attending appointments or seeking treatment when necessary. This could lead to…

  • Tooth loss
  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Bone loss

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“The staff is great! I appreciate their professionalism, as well as how they put you at ease during the entirety of the visit.”



“This Dentist took me in last minute to extract a tooth. They are very polite and a very caring team. This is absolutely the best Dentist in Vancouver, WA I have ever been to. He was very gentle also I felt no pain at all.”



“I am so glad this new dental office showed up down the street from me. After years of bad dental experiences, Dr. Brinton has made a lifelong client.”


Overcome Dental Anxiety with Care at Vancouver Dental!

Don’t let fear prevent you from achieving a healthy and confident smile. Take the first step toward conquering your dental anxiety and contact us today for a gentle and supportive approach to your oral care needs.