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A dental crown acts as a protective cap covering the entire visible portion of a tooth, restoring its original shape, size, and color while safeguarding the remaining tooth structure.

There are various reasons you might require a porcelain crown. The most common is severe tooth decay, where a filling, inlay, or onlay is insufficient to address the issue. Crowns may also be needed to repair a fractured tooth or serve as the final step in a root canal or dental implant procedure.

At Vancouver Dental, our custom-designed porcelain crowns are tailored to your mouth. We specialize in tooth-colored crowns that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Additionally, our advanced technology allows us to provide same-day crown options, ensuring convenience for your busy schedule.

Dr. McCombs Addresses Common Dental Crown Questions

What is the cost of a dental crown?

The cost of a dental crown is influenced by your specific health and treatment requirements. Rest assured, we will provide you with a clear estimate of the crown’s cost before beginning treatment. Additionally, we offer payment plan options designed to align with your budget.

If you have a damaged crown, can you assist with repair?

If you have a cracked, loose, or dislodged crown, we’re here to provide assistance. We can often reattach the crown using bonding methods. In some cases, opting for a new crown might be the more suitable solution. Our crowns are meticulously crafted for an ideal fit and are built to last for over 15 years.

Experience Same-Day Crowns at Vancouver Dental

Our team is committed to ensuring your visit is both comfortable and tailored to your individual needs. All our crowns are crafted using biocompatible materials and placed using minimally invasive and gentle techniques.

Here’s an overview of our same-day crown procedure:

  1. We’ll prepare the tooth’s surface by removing any decay and reshaping it.
  2. Our team will take a 3D scan of your mouth for customizing the crown, avoiding traditional impressions.
  3. Utilizing our advanced milling machine, your permanent crown will be fabricated in approximately 20 minutes.
  4. We’ll meticulously place the crown to ensure a perfect fit.

At Vancouver Dental, we are firm believers that visiting the dentist should be a positive and empowering experience. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you experience the joy of a happy, healthy smile.

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