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Dental Implants in Vancouver, WA

We have assisted hundreds of patients in restoring the appearance and functionality of their smiles.

Your confidence may suffer if you have missing, broken, or severely damaged teeth. More importantly, your health suffers as a result of these problems. Better is due to you. Please discuss dental implant restorations with us.

Our implant restorations at Vancouver Dental are long-lasting and constructed of the best biocompatible components.

We also provide mini implants and denture-retained implants in addition to standard dental implants. We’ll assist you in determining which treatment option is best for you and how to weigh your options.

Using 3D imaging technology to eliminate guesswork

Dr. Brinton can see precisely what’s happening in your mouth thanks to CBCT 3D imaging and develop a treatment strategy that is tailored to your requirements. Due to our investment in cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide effective care and dental implants with lasting results.

Finishing your dental implant

Restoration is the final step in a dental implant procedure. At Vancouver Dental, we provide comprehensive, specialized solutions. A crown, dental bridge, or denture that has been expertly crafted will complete your smile. We’ll weigh the alternatives and select an option that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Amazing benefits of dental implants

Makes your jaw bone stronger

Maintains healthy gums

Restores speech and chewing ability

Returns your natural smile's confidence

Why Should You Get Dental Implants at Vancouver Dental?

We want you to have the best experience possible:

  1. We communicate the start to finish plan before beginning so you know what to expect.
  2. We pre-plan your implant surgery digitally using 3D x-ray imaging and digital software
  3. We use advanced implant technology to reduce healing time and improve outcomes
  4. Your final abutment and crown will be digitally designed and fabricated based on IO scans
  5. We’ll continue to monitor the health of your implant, abutment and crown with regular checkups and home care instructions

A Modern and Innovative Dental Approach

Cutting-edge Dental Facility

Spa-inspired amenities

Expert Team of Professionals

Personalized Treatment Plans

Discover more about dental implants

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