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Dental Sealants in Vancouver, WA

Essential Information About Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a thin, protective layer typically made from plastic or other dental materials that readily bonds to the chewing surfaces of your rear teeth. While this treatment is suitable for patients of all age groups, it is particularly popular for children. The application of dental sealants can conveniently be integrated into your regular dental cleaning and examination. For more information or to schedule an appointment that includes this service, please reach out to us at (360) 828-7435.

Contributes to Cavity Prevention

Dental sealants provide an 80% cavity prevention rate for a period of 2 years, and a 50% reduction in cavities over a 4-year span.

Durable Safeguard

When maintained correctly, sealants can remain in the mouth for as long as 9 years and can be readily replaced if needed.

Wise Choice for Kids

Children of school age who do not have sealants experience three times as many cavities as those who have had sealants applied.

Efficient, Comfortable, Simple Placement

The slender layer is applied in liquid form and solidifies in approximately one minute. It's as straightforward as that!

Who Is Eligible for Dental Sealants?

Children of school age

Cavity-prone Adults

People Wishing to Enhance Their Decay Resistance

Anticipating Your Dental Sealant Procedure at Our Clinic

Think of a sealant as a miniature plastic filling. The noteworthy point is that tooth enamel lacks nerve endings, making the procedure typically painless, and the need for numbing is rare.

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Answers to Your Oral Hygiene Questions

Does having a dental sealant mean I can discontinue brushing my teeth?

Absolutely not! A dental sealant serves as an extra protective measure for your oral health, but it's not a substitute for your regular hygiene routine. You should continue to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and maintain your routine dental check-ups and dental cleanings with us.

Can dental sealants replace the need for fillings?

Sealants are a preventive measure against cavities rather than a solution to fix existing ones. Nevertheless, if your teeth are susceptible to decay, sealants are an excellent strategy to deter cavity formation. Keep in mind that a cavity-free tooth will consistently maintain superior strength and health in comparison to a tooth with a filling or decay.

At what age can my child receive a dental sealant?

The optimal time for children to have sealants applied is when their permanent molars emerge. Typically, this occurs at approximately age 6 for the initial molars and at age 12 for the subsequent set.

What is the typical appearance of a dental sealants?

Our dental sealants are made of a transparent material that seamlessly matches your natural tooth color. They remain inconspicuous when you smile or engage in conversation.

“The staff is great! I appreciate their professionalism, as well as how they put you at ease during the entirety of the visit.”

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