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Potential causes of tooth pain, broken teeth

Tooth pain can come on gradually over a period of days or even weeks – or it might start all at once. Any kind of pain is an indication that something is wrong and requires your immediate attention.

At Vancouver Dental, we treat dental emergencies quickly, so that you can get back to work, school, kids, and life.

Tooth pain can indicate:

A broken tooth

An infected tooth

Deep cavities

Gum infection

Your Emergency Dental Appointment

We know that dental emergencies are never ideal and often occur at the worst times. Rather than putting off treatment, contact us right away. Dental pain will not typically resolve on its own.

We will first gather information about your dental emergency and your medical history so that we can provide you with the very best care possible.

Dr. McCombs addresses the most frequently asked questions about dental emergencies.

Is my problem a dental emergency?

If you have a dental problem that concerns you, we would like to know about it. We don’t ever want you to hesitate to call us because you’re unsure if your situation is a dental emergency. The first step is to call your emergency dentist in Vancouver, WA so we can determine if what you’re experiencing requires an urgent visit to Vancouver Dental.

Is tooth extraction necessary?

Experiencing a toothache or another dental issue doesn't automatically indicate the need for tooth extraction. We will perform a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis to ascertain if we can address the problem through treatments such as fillings, crowns, or root canals. If tooth extraction is deemed necessary, we will provide detailed information about the procedure and discuss potential tooth replacement options as part of a comprehensive plan.

What are the indications of a tooth infection?

Some prevalent indications of a tooth infection encompass Persistent tooth pain, Ongoing tooth sensitivity, Tender and sensitive jawbone

Can a toothache resolve naturally without intervention?

It’s possible your toothache may lessen or disappear, but this doesn’t mean the problem went away. In fact, the longer you wait, the more damage (and discomfort) you risk. Always seek help for a toothache (and avoid a bigger issue) right away.

What steps should I take in the event of tooth loss?

If your tooth is still in one piece, pick it up by the crown (don’t touch the root) and gently rinse it off under running water. Carefully place the tooth back into the socket and call us right away to let us know what happened. The sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances that we can save your tooth.

What You Can Anticipate During an Emergency Visit at Vancouver Dental

We aim to share the delight of a joyful, healthy smile with you. When you’re experiencing discomfort, our priority is to schedule your appointment as swiftly as we can and deliver a positive and efficient experience. We are confident that you’ll appreciate our patient-centric, comfort-first approach.

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“The staff is great! I appreciate their professionalism, as well as how they put you at ease during the entirety of the visit.”



“This Dentist took me in last minute to extract a tooth. They are very polite and a very caring team. This is absolutely the best Dentist in Vancouver, WA I have ever been to. He was very gentle also I felt no pain at all.”



“I am so glad this new dental office showed up down the street from me. After years of bad dental experiences, Dr. Jacqueline Gambee has made a lifelong client.”


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