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Full Mouth Dental Rehab in Vancouver, WA

From the jawline to the teeth - a complete smile transformation

Do you experience issues with missing, fractured, or significantly damaged teeth? Are you dissatisfied with your smile’s aesthetics? Don’t let your well-being and self-assurance diminish any further. Dr. Brinton has assisted numerous patients in rejuvenating both the appearance and functionality of their smiles with comprehensive full-mouth rehabilitation.

We’re enthusiastic about assessing your unique circumstances and creating a customized treatment strategy to enhance your overall health and smile. Contact us today at (360) 828-7435 to arrange a consultation.

Comprehensive full-mouth rehabilitation necessitates meticulous planning and the integration of various procedures to achieve the best outcomes. In our practice, your satisfaction is our foremost objective. We will tackle issues, safeguard your teeth, rejuvenate your smile’s aesthetics, and guarantee your comfort throughout the entire process.

What is included in a comprehensive oral rehabilitation?

A complete dental transformation focuses on enhancing the overall health of your mouth by addressing issues such as:

Missing teeth

Tooth decay

Gum disease

Broken teeth

Stained teeth

Crooked teeth

Treatments for complete oral rehabilitation

Dental Implants


Teeth whitening


Dental bridges

What awaits you in a comprehensive oral rehabilitation?

Here’s what you can expect during your comprehensive oral rehabilitation journey:

  1. We’ll employ state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to gain a comprehensive understanding of your dental and gum health, facilitating accurate diagnosis.

  2. Collaborate with Dr. Brinton to design a coherent and effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, with the goal of achieving a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

  3. Consult with our patient coordinator to assess the cost of care and establish a well-structured timeline for the completion of your treatment.

  4. We’ll initiate treatments as per the timeline established in your care plan, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction with the outcomes.

Dr. Brinton and our entire team, drawing upon their extensive experience and training, will execute your rehabilitation with the utmost care and precision.

Your questions, answered

What is the expected timeframe for a comprehensive oral rehabilitation?

The duration of your treatment can vary, spanning several months to potentially a year or more, contingent on the specific procedures outlined in your care plan. We will tailor the timeline to accommodate your requirements, which may involve spacing out treatments to optimize insurance coverage or accommodate other financial considerations.

Is a complete dental transformation covered by dental insurance?

Your eligibility for coverage depends on the specifics of your dental insurance plan. We will provide a breakdown of the expenses associated with each treatment and present you with various financial options before commencing any procedures.

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“I am so glad this new dental office showed up down the street from me. After years of bad dental experiences, Dr. Jacqueline Gambee has made a lifelong client.”


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