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A strong and vibrant smile begins with well-maintained gums

Did you know that many people have gum disease without even being aware of it? Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an infection that spreads to your gums. Even though gum disease is widespread, it can be very dangerous and even result in tooth loss. We at Vancouver Dental are here to assist you in the treatment of gum disease and lay the groundwork for a beautiful smile.

The following are typical indications of gum disease:

Chronically bad breath

Bleeding, tender, or swollen gums

Pain in the gums while chewing

Gums that are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures

How does gum disease affect your oral health?

Your gum health is very important for your oral hygiene. In fact, if your gums aren’t taken care of, it could negatively impact the rest of your oral and overall health.

Gums begin to recede and pull away from your teeth when gum disease spreads and worsens. Because of this, your gums are unable to adequately support your teeth, which eventually results in tooth loss and jaw bone loss.

Gum disease treatment at Vancouver Dental

Different methods may be required to treat your gum disease, depending on how severe it is.

A dental deep cleaning, which cleans your teeth beneath your gums to ensure that they can reattach to your teeth, is frequently advised if we notice that you are suffering from gum disease. We frequently advise patients to have cleanings and exams more frequently following a deep cleaning, most frequently every three months.

Call (360) 828-7435 to schedule an appointment with our gum disease dentist if you think you may be suffering from the condition. We’ll address your concerns and inform you of the steps we can take to restore the health of your gums.

Frequently asked questions about gum disease

How can I avoid getting gum disease?

Maintaining good oral hygiene, which includes brushing twice a day, flossing, going to cleanings and exams, and eating a healthy diet, is the best way to avoid or ward off gum disease.

How long does gum disease take to become serious?

Periodontal disease can quickly get worse. If you think you have gum disease, contact our gum disease dentist right away to arrange an appointment for treatment.

What might happen if I ignore my gum disease?

Without proper treatment, gum disease may result in the following consequences:Gum or tooth discomfort, Tooth mobility or loss, Erosion and weakening of the jawbone, Alterations in your bite, and A receding gumline.

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