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The most infamous and misunderstood dental procedure is likely root canal therapy. Although many people think of them as “scary,” a root canal is actually an efficient way to relieve pain and save your tooth.

What exactly is a root canal? The nerves in the tooth’s root are typically involved when a tooth gets infected. It’s necessary to remove these infected nerves. An infection can develop into an abscess, a much more serious condition that can result in tooth loss and jaw bone loss, if it is not treated.

The best place to get a root canal in Vancouver is at Vancouver Dental. Your root canal procedure will be simpler and more comfortable than you anticipated thanks to cutting-edge technology and years of experience. We’ll guarantee it.

Better results through better technology

With the aid of CBCT 3D imaging, Dr. Brinton is able to see exactly what’s happening with your tooth and design a root canal treatment strategy that is tailored to your requirements. Our team can perform effective, long-lasting root canal procedures with little to no pain in the majority of cases when combined with local anesthetics and appropriate pain medication.

Dr. Brinton responds to your most frequent inquiries about root canals.

Although your dentist is the best person to determine whether you need a root canal, there are a few symptoms to watch out for:

  • persistent tooth pain
  • persistent tooth sensitivity
  • a painful and delicate jawbone
  • tooth fractured or chipped (even minor cracks and chips in your teeth can cause advanced decay and infection)

The average length of a root canal is 60 to 90 minutes, so it’s possible that your root canal treatment will be split into two separate appointments. We’ll explain the situation to you.

Your root canal procedure might be partially covered by dental insurance. We will discuss the price of your treatment as well as any payment plans and no-interest financing options that may be available to you before scheduling your appointment.

Yes. It has been shown that root canals can save teeth and stop infection. Every year, approximately 25 million root canals are carried out. The idea that diseases or issues in other parts of the body are related to teeth with root canals is not supported by scientific research.

What to anticipate at Vancouver Dental during a root canal?

  1. A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area around the affected tooth to begin the procedure.
  2. In order to remove infected tissue, clean the canal, and seal it with gutta-percha, Dr. Brinton will make an opening in the tooth canal.
  3. Your custom, tooth-colored crown will be made in our office in just 20 minutes to complete your root canal.

We want you to appreciate the pleasure of a radiant, healthy smile. We strive to make your root canal procedure pleasant, comfortable, and effective when you need to stop decay or save your tooth. Here, your smile is in capable hands.

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