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Enhance your smile by at least two shades

Maintaining the natural whiteness of your teeth can be quite challenging due to daily culprits like coffee, wine, and stain-prone foods. Even with diligent care, your teeth might not attain their ideal brightness. Professional teeth whitening is a highly effective solution for bringing back the natural color of your teeth, and it can even surpass your natural shade if you desire a brighter smile.

Teeth brightening services provided by Vancouver Dental

GLO In-Office Teeth Whitening

The GLO whitening procedure represents the most advanced level of in-office professional teeth whitening. This scientifically supported system is exclusively accessible through dental practices such as ours. GLO harnesses the distinctive attributes of warming heat and LED light acceleration to swiftly enhance the whiteness of your teeth.

The GLO whitening process is straightforward:

  1. We’ll take a “before” photo for you to compare with the “after” results.
  2. We’ll carry out 3-4 GLO whitening treatment sessions with the assistance of warming heat and LED light acceleration.
  3. In just one hour, you’ll experience a brighter smile with reduced tooth sensitivity compared to other whitening methods.

GLO At-Home Teeth Whitening

For those seeking a more convenient approach to teeth whitening, we present a professional take-home whitening system tailored to your preferences. Our GLO Take-Home Whitening solution is quick, enjoyable, and effortless. No need for messy strips, uncomfortable and time-consuming trays or impressions, or drippy gels.

This professional take-home whitening treatment utilizes the same whitening device employed in our GLO Chairside Whitening procedures, making it an excellent choice for individuals who wish to brighten their teeth from the comfort of their own home. It’s also a great option for maintaining the radiance of your teeth following an in-office treatment.

Quick insights on teeth whitening

What leads to teeth discoloration?

Beverages like coffee and tea, Foods with dark pigments, Utilization of smoking and tobacco, The innate aging progression, and Your genetic predisposition

Who is eligible for teeth whitening?

While teeth whitening can be advantageous for nearly everyone, the outcomes may differ based on individual circumstances. Generally, we do not advise teeth whitening for pregnant or nursing individuals, children below the age of 16, or those who have known allergies to teeth bleaching agents. We will assist you in determining your suitability for the treatment.

Is teeth whitening suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth?

For those with sensitive teeth, it's important to steer clear of off-the-shelf whitening solutions. Consult your dentist for a professional option such as GLO Whitening, which can prevent irritation and guarantee a comfortable and effective procedure.

Bringing smiles is our passion

At Vancouver Dental, our approach centers around enhancing your confidence and well-being through smile enhancements. When it comes to your teeth whitening treatment, we prioritize a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome. What sets us apart is our dedication to comprehending your specific desires and assisting you in attaining the ideal smile you envision. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to your joyful smile!

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