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Tooth Extractions in Vancouver, WA

Comfortable and gentle tooth extractions at Vancouver Dental

Our top priority is to keep your tooth, but if the damage is too severe to be fixed, a dental extraction might be required. Furthermore, it is frequently necessary to have wisdom teeth removed in order to improve dental health or make space in the jaw.

Dental extractions for patients of all ages are one of our practice’s specialties. Call our office right away for a consultation if you believe you might need to have a tooth extracted.

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We’ll get you in as soon as we can when you’re in pain and need a tooth pulled right away, and we’ll make sure you have a pleasant and productive experience.

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Some causes for an extraction might be:

Abscessed or infected tooth


Problems caused by the wisdom teeth

Damaged and broken teeth

Better results through advanced technology

Just because you need to have a tooth extracted doesn’t mean that you have to accept an uncomfortable or hasty diagnosis and course of action. Dr. Brinton will be able to see your dental health situation and determine whether an extraction is required thanks to CBCT 3D imaging. If so, we’ll decide whether it’s necessary to replace the tooth after it is extracted.

Dr. Brinton responds to your most frequent inquiries regarding tooth extractions.

Do you remove wisdom teeth?

Yes! All ages of patients who require wisdom tooth extraction come to us. Not everyone requires removal of their wisdom teeth. We'll assist you in determining whether or not it's critical for your long-term health and wellbeing to have your wisdom teeth removed.

How painful is tooth extraction?

Throughout the procedure, we'll make sure you're completely relaxed and pain-free. After surgery, we might give you a prescription for pain medication. The day or so following the procedure, you can also use an ice pack to soothe any pain.

How long does a dental extraction recovery take?

You will need to rest after the procedure. You'll need a friend or relative to drive you home if anesthesia was used. After the surgery, we'll apply gauze, which you'll need to change as needed. Give us a call if bleeding persists for more than 24 hours. When you get home, take it easy, but don't lie flat because that could make the bleeding worse. Put a pillow under your head instead.

Can I eat and drink right after having an extraction?

After your surgery, we'll ask you to limit soft foods for a few days. Instead, the following foods are suggested:Gelatin, Pudding, Yogurt, A potato dish, Icy dessert, and light soups. Refrain from using a straw while drinking. Your sutures may become looser and the blood clotting may be slowed by the sucking motion. The same is true for vaping and smoking.

What to expect at Vancouver Dental during an extraction

Our dentist, hygienists, and staff are warm, caring, and enthusiastic about assisting you in feeling secure and at ease. We’ll address all of your concerns and ensure that you are aware of what to anticipate. We’re confident you’ll like our patient-first approach.

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“I am so glad this new dental office showed up down the street from me. After years of bad dental experiences, Dr. Brinton has made a lifelong client.”


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